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Lunch and High Tea

White or brown roll with local cheese 4.50
White or brown roll with pate and beer mustard 5.25
White or brown roll with blue cheese 5.50
White or brown roll with pesto and warm Doruvael cheese 5.50
White or brown roll with Hemel & Aarde smoke beer ham 5.50
White or brown roll with smoked salmon and cream cheese 5.75
White or brown roll with local beef kroket 6.00
Club sandwich with smoked turkey, bacon & cheese 9.75
Miller’s lunch: White or brown roll, beef kroket with beer mustard, cured ham, Doruvael & fried egg 12.50
Fried eggs with cheese, ham or ham/cheese 7.25

Lunch is served till 16.00 hours

Regional Lunch (only for groups and with reservation)
Price a head € 15,00 or  € 18,50 including today's soup.

- Several kinds of bread
- Several kinds of cheese like Doruvael, Blue de Graven, Farmers cheese from Bodegraven and Sheep milk cheese
- Several kinds of artisinal sausages and sliced of meat
- Salat
- Regional jam
- Farmers butter and garlic butter

Lunch Grande Entrée
Price a head € 11,50.

Lunch existing of a combination of our starters.

High Tea
A wide selection of sweets and fresh sandwiches. Adjusted to your personal wish if required.

Price a head € 20,00.

- Tea
- Scones with jam and cream
- Sandwiches
- Several pastries
- Cake
- Petit four
- Chocolats


Hop Shoots Lunch!
Saturday March 22nd, 2014 we will serve hop shoots for lunch at the mill. Fresh hop shoots are rare to find but if the weather continues to stay great, they will be harvested that same Saturday. More info here...
Building history
After years of hiding it has become time to restore our old brew kettles.
New Winter 2014 menu
As of January 22nd we have a new menu for the winter of 2014.

You and your Molen


Last Saturday I bough a couple of your beers in the shop: Heen & Weer and Rook & Vuur. The f (..)