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The Brewery

This is our current brewery. For more information on our new brewery, please go to the Renovation Dossier.

The brewery consists of a stainless steel installation with a capacity of 500 litres. The kettles - also used in the dairy industry – are reconfigured conform an idea of our brewmaster so they can be used for our artisanal brewing. The mash tun is electrically heated so it can be used for brewing according to the infusion method.      


The Brewer

Menno Olivier was the one to take the initiative to start Brouwerij de Molen. After 12 years of brewing experience he is very proud to present Molen beers to the costumer.

He started as a homebrewer in his own kitchen years ago. After one year of learning the trade with a Dutch brewer from Westmaas (NL) – who brews his beer in Belgium using a mash tun dating 1852 (!) – he started brewing as a profession. First at Brouwerij de Texelse followed by De Prael in Amsterdam. At that point ‘Oliviers Beeradvice’ was born.

He gave the garage next to his home a complete makeover and started Microbrewery de Salamander with tasting room. Also brew courses for small groups were held there. And all this next to his job as brewmaster at Stadsbrouwerij de Pelgrim in Rotterdam. His own company slowly grew bigger and bigger so the next step to Brouwerij de Molen was soon to follow.

The movie (Dutch)



Summer menu
Here it is again: the new summer menu!
It's Spring!
Come and enjoy our new Spring-menu in the sun.
Hop Shoots Lunch!
Saturday March 22nd, 2014 we will serve hop shoots for lunch at the mill. Fresh hop shoots are rare to find but if the weather continues to stay great, they will be harvested that same Saturday. More info here...

You and your Molen


I finally had one of your beers at Barley's tap room in Greenville S.C. I had the rasputin and I mus (..)